Our Story


We're a family-run business that provides durable weddings bands and promise rings, providing you with a symbol of love as enduring as your commitment.

All our rings ship free within the USA and we offer free returns and exchanges (e.g., if you need to change your ring size).

Please don't hesitate to message us if any questions, we're to help and guide you.😊

At Titan Circles, we stand for robustness and longevity, much like the commitment the rings symbolize. Our rings are not just jewelry, they are testaments to enduring love.
Titan Circles knows the importance of durability and so every ring is forged from tungsten-carbide to create stylish and truly robust rings that can weather the daily grind and withstand the toughest of conditions - just as a strong relationship does.

Every ring at Titan Circles carries a unique story of love, encapsulating a tribute to unwavering commitment, undying bonds and indomitable strength.


Kate & San